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FLE 307-1
I think that the knowledge of developmental patterns contribute to a language teacher in many ways because we learn or acquire a language according to some developmental stages and being aware of this is important for a teacher. When we think about the acquisition of L2, we can see that firstly a silent period for learners as a preparation period. After this silent period, L2 learners start to learn the...

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-1 12345 307 abl accord accuraci acquir acquisit also articl awar base characterist compet construct context contribut cours deal declin definit design develop development diffrer direct encourag error exact experi explain first fle follow form formal fossil gradual grammar grammat help high import includ inform ing instanc interpret know knowledg l2 languag learn learner lesson level linguist llearner make mani may moreov must name observ order past pattern period person plural possibl predict prepar process product progress psycholinguistac reach readi reflect regular report research rule say see sequenc shape shown silent situat stage start structur student systemat target teacher tens think third transit tri u u-shap understand use vari variabl way wrong