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Analyzing Moral Issues
Glennesia Manning
PHI2604: Ethics
Professor Munns

Have you ever wondered what characteristics would you maintain as I age in life? Building character starts when you are young. Finding who you are benefits you down in the future.

My Strategy for Ethical Decision-making

Virtue Ethics is good character traits that you can apply to better choices and actions. These are virtue-based ethical theories that place emphasis on rules people should follow so a person can develop good character traits. Traits you will turn and allow you to make the correct choices later in life. Virtue Ethics theories are inspired by Aristotle. He defined philosophy as the totality of a human understanding acquired by rational inquiry (Civics p210). He broke it down into three parts logic, physics, and ethics. Aristotle declared that a virtuous person is someone who has ideal character traits. Those traits deprive from natural internal tendencies, but they need to be worked on to become stable.

My strategy for ethical decision making is to start practicing my virtue ethics now, and it will come natural to me when I get older. I chose this topic because I have some god character traits in me and I know from wrong. I am very honest, courageous, and compassionate. Sometimes I can come off overbearing, by being blunt, bold, and compassionate. I can relate to virtue ethics and agree with some of the rules. Virtue ethics has the most realistic, complete views and have much value in many respects of others. It drives you to be a better person also have better views on acting on certain situations. For an example, you can use virtue ethics on how you apply yourself at work.

A person with ethical values would no more think of stealing markers or pens from work then robbing a clothing store. In her/his eyes, stealing is stealing no matter how you try to justify it .Virtue ethics can be used in your everyday life. At work there are good character traits you can use to build a closer bond with your boss and other peers so you can move up in the company. There are four major characteristics you can have at work being trustworthy, respectable, follow as instructions, and be responsible. Your trustworthiness allow your boss and co-workers to depend on you, your boss know you will show up on time and do your task. Being trusted means, your fellow peers won’t worry about you slacking because you hold your end of the task. They would expect you to come in and be direct (great asset). Respect is important to get along with others at work also demonstrating it to co-workers is how they will treat you. Tempering your respect with tolerance and accepting others differences, you become a more valuable co-worker or employee. Being responsible can lead you up to getting special assignments and privileges. Your boss trusts you because she knows you take your duties serious and do them correctly. In the back of her mind she knows you will deliver and be done before the day over or before time. Becoming a better worker by instilling better character...

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