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Stability Formulas
KM = KG + GM
KG = KM - GM
GM = KM - KG

Gg1 = w x d
........W ± w
"w" is the weight being loaded/discharged/shifted and "d" is the distance the centre of gravity is going to move "W" is the total weight of the boat and "w" is the weight being taken onboard/discharged/shifted

Table of Moments
To find the total moment for the item being used including the vessel, multiplying the items weight by the items KG (Weight x KG = Moment)

Find the moments fi...

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-1.000 0.2528445 0.253 1.024 1.025 1.9 10 100 123456 1700 1800 2 200 2000 2300 3 3.4 3.9 380 39 4.2 40 500 7119 8400 8819 ad add alway angl area boat centr d decim discharg displac distanc divid dock exampl f.w.a figur final find first formula fse fuel fw gg1 give gm go grain graviti gz heel inch includ item kg km kn load loaded/discharged loaded/discharged/shifted m.s.s metr moment move multipli new onboard/discharged/shifted sin sine sinkag stabil static store subtract sw symbol t.p.c tabl taken theta togeth tonn total tpi use vessel w water waterplan weight well x θ