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Chapter 2:

A famous person has power to influence people. People like to listen him and trust his advice. That's why, many athletes, actors and rock stars come in advertisement to promote products. Although, they are famous but personally, I do not think that we should pay attention to these opinions. I have many reasons to hold this notion such as their personal interest associated with the promotion. I have doubt on their knowledge.They are not responsible for consequences of that advice.

To start with, many famous people have their own interest to promote their opinion. They are getting money from the company to say positive things about their products. For instance, Many famous actors come in advertisement of hard drinks and cigarette.They promote these bad habits because they are getting money.Although, there are many famous people who come in social advertisements like to promote education but I believe that we should not follow their advices. 

In addition to their self interest, sometimes, they do not have any knowledge about what they are saying. Without having any idea, they promote products and notions which can be harmful for general public. From my own personal experience, I had seen a famous actress in an advertisement of a fairness cream. I purchased that cream in influence of that actress. After few months, I got allergy on my skin. My dermatologist advised me to stop using that cream. Many people get skin cancer by using these fairness creams. 

Along with, self interest and their ignorance, they are not responsible if something happens wrong. For example, if I get skin cancer in above example, I have to suffer myself.

To conclude, I believe that we should not follow blindly these famous people. They are promoting things because they are earning money from advertisements. Sometimes they do not have any idea about that product. Moreover, they are not responsible for consequences of following their advice.

Chapter 3:
Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity.Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live.What is your opinion?Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I feel no one will deny the truth that the environment of the Earth is deteriorating as the increasingly activities of human beings,because of that a lot of species are on the edge of survival,human ourselves are also indirectly suffering from the result of our behaviors.Thus I strongly believe that the environment of the Earth are significantly damaged by human activity.

First,as we know,the Earth as a whole is a tremendous and abundant ecosystem,reasonably every part of the ecosystem is correlated,so if you destroy any sections of this body the rest of it will be affected too.Once we realize that an idea will instantly flash into our mind:we need to protect it.” To further clarify what I mean,Take fishing as an example,,there is no doubt that adequate amount of fishes caught by human definitely can not make impacts toward the ecosystem,but that’s before the coming of industry revolutions,the effectiveness of catching fish was dramatically increased,thus unfortunately a lot of fishes became the delicious foods on tables meanwhile permanently vanished from the sea,but the pain of disordering the ecosystem lasts,with the vanishment of certain type of fish,its predator also will step into the fate of their preys,not because of disease or other unexpected factors,but because of starving.

Second, I have to mention about carbon dioxide which is,a kind of important constituents that keep our earth warm,so itself actually only do benefits to the life on earth,but the problem is there are too much emission of carbon dioxide in recent years,consequently the Earth is becoming hot,I think the only reason for this is the human activities,because nearly in every part of our lives we rely on electricities and oils,both of them will produce carbon dioxide in the process of generating power or driving transportations.

In conclude,personally I can’t say that my life becomes more colorful and comfortable today,on the contrary,I would rather live in a place filled with clean air and diversified creatures.

Chapter 4:
Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tensions rather than understanding between people from different cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As a result of advancement in technology and globalization, the number of people moving between countries are surging now. It leads to a hot debate, weather it beneficial or create tensions in the host country. In my perception, it may leads to tensions if not handled well. Tourism is the movement of people from one part to another and businesses related to it. International tourism brings enormous benefits to the host country. It opens the door of employment opportunities in service industries like, hotel, transportation and so on. It broadens our mind and helps to understand diverse culture. It enables foreign currency inflow and economic developments.  Apparently, a foreign tourist bring some problems with them that can leads to stress and dislike for local people. Undoubtedly, a foreigner is vulnerable and often ripped off by locals. Another point is that, the language barrier can lead to misunderstandings. Tourist sometimes refused to buy things from local market. Their bargaining may results in dispute between them, which ends up in dislikes. Furthermore, spending a short period in an...

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