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Proof Media Assignment – Masks
In the movie Proof, the directorial decision to include Catherine’s eulogy and the post funeral scenes is very effective because it enhances the development of three characters. It also introduces the topic of masks – people wear masks to cover their real thoughts or intentions. The movie made a vivid contrast between a normal eulogy spoken by a man and Catherine’s interrupting speech. She first rudely interrupted the music, and spoke in a calm voice, “I’m not on the program.” This behaviour reveals Catherine’s braveness because not everyone has the courage to behave in such a rude way and speak about all the sacrifices she made even some of them are embarrassing; she was strong enough that she forced herself not to cry till the end of her speech in which someone else would’ve already been crying and shouting out loud probably. From Catherine’s words, it is obvious that she was angry at “Robert’s friends”, and she was blaming them for n...

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