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1. The traffic problems in our city and how to solve them
Traffic problem is one of the serious problems that HCM city has to cope with day by day. Traffic congestion causes irritated feelings for people, takes people time and slows down development of economy. For me, in order to solve this problem, HCM city needs some possible solutions as follows. First of all, the city government has to invest more money in widening and upgrading the road system to provide extensive paths for all kinds of vehicles on the street. As a result, all means of transport can move smoothly on rush hours and traffic jams will be certainly reduced. Secondly, the city government needs to have many effective ways to encourage people to use public transport more and use their private vehicles less. This can be done by providing new and modern buses with air-conditioners and entertainment devices. Public transport must depart and arrive on time to get belief in passengers. In addition, staff should behave well with passengers. Finally, the city government should have campaigns to introduce traffic laws to citizens to help them understand more clearly about them. Besides, it is necessary to fine heavily people who break the traffic law intentionally. To sum up, with three possible solutions above, HCM city can partly solve the traffic congestion.

3. Which do you think is more valuable – health or wealth? People said that “health is more precious than gold”. Therefore, I think that health is more valuable than wealth. The fact is that money is very important in life because money can help to satisfy most of our basic demands in life. However, money is not all because there is still one thing that is more important than money. It’s health. In fact, when we are healthy, we can work and earn a lot of money for our life. In addition, we can enjoy our life and perform many dreams and ambitions during our life. A healthy person is certainly optimistic and has belief in his or her life. Furthermore, if we are not healthy, we may get some serious diseases that can not be cured, even we have a lot of money with us. In these cases, money is nothing. With mentioned things, it is clear that health is more important than wealth.

8. Should university students be encouraged to take up part time jobs? Nowadays, more and more students work part-time jobs while they are at university. There are controversy ideas about this matter. However, in my opinion, students should not take up part-time jobs. In fact, people can argue that when working part-time jobs, students can get working experience and earn some money for their life at the same time. However, there are still some negative effects. First of all, the main duty of students is to study and get good results so they should spend their f...

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