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problem is set up: how to theorize agency? The concept of agency refers to the individual’s capacity to resist, negotiate or refuse the workings of disciplinary power, for example. This is usually spoken of as the structure/agency dichotomy and is often the starting point for contemporary work on the body across the humanities that are attentive to the body’s capacities for agency. I will explore different responses to the structure/agency dichotomy in the corpus under analysis. separations between the biological and the social, structure and agency, passivity and activity and the body and the self will be envisaged throughout the presentation, denying to view the body as socially determined in a way that removes from it any sense of agency or affectivity. The study of the body involves the use of its related key terms, such as: embodiment, corporeality, affect, emotion, materiality, discipline, process, practice and techni...

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