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How much energy is there in food?
The purpose of this activity is:
to carry out a procedure that releases energy from food and captures some of it in water to record results carefully and calculated the energy released to evaluate this procedure as a method for estimating the energy content of food. Procedure

Make sure you tell your teacher if you have any food allergies and make sure those foods are not being tested today. If you start to feel ill during this activity, inform your teacher immediately. Wear eye protection while heating the foods.

Take care with mounted needles – especially as you are impaling food on them. Investigation
a Use the measuring cylinder to measure 20 cm3 of water into the boiling tube. b Clamp the boiling tube to the clamp stand.

c Measure the temperature of the water with the thermometer. Record the temperature in a suitable results table. d Choose a piece of food and find its mass using the balance. Record the mass in the table. e Impale the piece of food carefully on a mounted needle.

f Light the Bunsen burner and hold the f...

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