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This CA allows you to demonstrate your knowledge on the basic elements of a formal argument and your ability to critically analyse an argumentative article.

The Task
There are a total of 3 sections in this assessment. You are required to answer all the questions in all 3 sections. Section 1 carries 20 marks, Section 2 carries 30 marks and Section 3 carries 50 marks. Altogether, this CA carries a total score of 100 marks.

Section 1 comprises multi-choice questions (MCQs) that will evaluate your understanding about the basic elements of a formal argument.

Section 2 comprises a series of semi-structured questions based on an argumentative article that will be provided to you. You are required to 1. identify the issue as well as the writer’s claim in the article 2. identify pieces of evidence and appeal used by the writer to support his/her argument from the article provided 3. match your selection with the correct type of evidence (examples/authority/statistics) or appeal (pathos/logos/ethos) respectively.

Section 3 comprises an open-ended question based on the argumentative article that will be provided to you. You are required to 1. analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the writer’...

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