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Computer hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitute a computer system. Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer such as monitor, keyboard, Computer data storage, hard drive disk, mouse, CPU(graphics, soundcards, memory, motherboard and chips), etc. all of which are physical objects that you can actually touch. Two Divisions of Computer Hardware:

A Components
-things located inside the system unit which is the core of a computer system. Central Processing Unit (CPU) also called Processor. It is often called the brain of the computer’s engine. Its job is to carry out commands. The power of the processor is measured in bits. The more bits the processor can handle, the more data it can handle and therefore, the more powerful it is. Motherboard/System Board a single circuit board which provides the path through which the processor communicates with memory components, other components and peripheral devices. Random Access Memory (RAM) the memory chips that are mouthed directly on the motherboard or mounted on peripheral cards that plug into the motherboard. Hard Disk drives a non-volatile storage device that stores digital data on magnetic surfaces used for medium-term storage data. B Peripherals

– a hardware that is not part of the system unit. It connects to the system unit using cables. It also allows humans to interface with the computer. Types of Peripherals:
1 Input device- hardware that is used to pass information to the3 computer Mouse
A mouse is a small device used to point and select items on your computer screen. Keyboard
A keyboard is used mainly for typing text into your computer. Like the keyboard on a typewriter, it has keys for letters and numbers, but it also has special keys: The Function Keys, found on the top row, perform different functions depending n where they are used. The numeric keypad, located on the right side of the most keyboards, allows you to enter numbers quickly. The navigation keys, such as arrow keys, allow you to move your position within a document or webpage. Scanner

It is a device for digitizing paper documents into images that maybe manipulated by a computer. Camera
It transmits images from one computer to another or can be used to record video. Biometric Input
A biometric identification system identifies a human from a measurement of a physical feature or repeatable action of the individual. Bar code Scanner
It scans a barcode which carries information to be used in processes. C Output Devices- stores and presents data in form that can be read by either humans or machines. Monitor
A monitor displays information in visual form, using text and graphics. The portion of the monitor that displays the information is called the screen. Like a television screen, a computer screen can show still or moving pictures. There are two basic types of monitors: CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and LCD ( liquid crystal display) monitors. Both types produce sharp images, but LCD monitors have the advantage of being much thinner and lighter. CRT monitors, however, are generally more affordable. Printer

A printer transfers data from a computer on to paper. You don’t need a printer to use your computer, but having one allows you to print email, cards, invitations, announcements, and other materials. The two main types of printers are inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers are the most popular printers for the home. They...

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