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Topic 1:
Teamwork- it is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, and working together is a success. Managing the kitchen brigade and developing teamwork involves the following key areas: Planning- Planning is to line out (determine) a course of action under a given set of situation (circumstances), for achieving pre-established objectives Communicating

Organising-Communicating and organizing as operational procedures means allocating works to various teams and individuals in the kitchen and providing them with the right materials (equipment and supplies) to do their jobs Coordinating-Coordinating ensures harmony within the kitchen team and greater cooperation with other departments of the hotel. Delegating-Delegating involve trusting, because some of the chefs may fear to delegate, but in reality, both chef and staff work better when each concentrates on what each does best. Classification of equipment

Large equipment: Fixed items like stove, ovens, fridge, salamanders and steamers. Mechanical equipment: Can be large or small; electrically operated or engineered to be labour saving. Example: Mixer, slicer, microwaves, chopper and hot box. Utensils and small equipment: Small hand operated pieces of equipment. Such as spoon, Knifes, etc. Mise en place-everything in its place; if the chefs are confident that everything required for the day are in place and ready to use (including equipment, food stuffs and serving dishes), they can concentrate all their efforts on producing quality products with maximum efficiency and minimal stress and are more likely to maintain a smooth and even workflow through the day. Topic 2:

Food Hygiene and hygiene procedures
Food poisoning: A concerned with food being contaminate (致汙染) by harmful microorganisms that are described as pathogenic (引起疾病的). Food spoilage: A concerned with good that has deteriorated (質量下降) in some way due to non-pathogenic microorganisms. The cause of food poisoning includes –Chemical –Toxin (Bio-Chemical) –Micro-organism Danger Zone: the temperature range b...

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