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1. The people of different cultures often have different views on the relations between: (A) God and man; (B) the individual and the group; (C) the citizen and the state; (D) liberty and authority; (E) all of the above

2. Which of the following are deep structure institutions in the U.S.? (A) family, community, religion; (B) values, beliefs, attitudes; (C) Coca Cola, GM, Ford; (D) city, state, nation; (D) A and B; (E) A, B, and C

3. Deep structure institutions and their messages: (A) endure; (B) are deeply felt; (C) supply much of a person’s identity; (D) B and C; (E) A, B, and C

4. The most basic unit of society is: (A) the citizen; (B) the committee; (C) the family; (D) power; (E) control

5. Which of the following is not a factor associated with changing definitions of the American family? (A) economic changes; (B) religious tolerance; (C) technological innovations; (D) demographics; (E) gender roles and opportunities for women

6. What are the two characteristics of globalization most responsible for changes in family structure? (A) mass media and migration; (B) free trade and fluid economic opportunities; (C) mass media and fluid economic opportunity; (D) fragmentation and identification; (E) fragmentation and migration

7. The functions of the family include: (A) reproduction; (B) economic; (C) socialization; (D) values and religion; (E) all of the above

8. Which of the following is not a function that the family contributes to? (A) identity; (B) communication proficiencies; (C) economic; (D) indoctrination; (E) socialization

9. Which of the following is true about cultural variation in family interaction: (A) all major institutions of a culture are tied together; (B) individual families within a culture vary; (C) gender roles are subject to change; (D) B and C; (E) A, B, and C

10. In U.S. culture, males are socialized to be: (A) successful, aggressive, nurturing; (B) sensitive, nurturing, concerned with appearance; (C) successful, aggressive, self-reliant; (D) successful, self-reliant, concerned with appearance; (E) sexual, nurturing, and interdependent.

11. In this country, traditionally, children see the father get served first at meals, get the first bath, and receive nods and deep bows from the rest of the family. (A) Japan; (B) India; (C) Saudi Arabia; (D) U.S.; (E) Mexico

12. Which of the following is true about individualism and collectivism? (A) most cultures are primarily one or the other; (B) most cultures include a mixture of the two; (C) collectivistic cultures promote individual gain; (D) individualistic cultures support the notion of personal contribution to the greater good; (E) A, B, and C

13. Individualistic cultures are embedded in families through: (A) emphasis on independence; (B) emphasis on autonomy; (C) encouragement of self-actualization; (D) A and B; (E) A, B, and C

14. Families in collectivist cultures tend to offer their members all of the following except: (A) lifelong support; (B) emotional security; (C) a sense of belonging; (D) a sense of self-reliance

15. Relatively speaking, the extended family is a major influence in all of the following cultures except: (A) sub-Saharan Africa; (B) France; (C) U.S.; (D) Mexico; (E) Puerto Rico

16. The first institution to introduce children to the notion of age-grouping is: (A) mass media; (B) family; (C) culture; (D) religion; (E) community

17. Acceptance or rejection of aggressive behavior is: (A) consistent across cultures; (B) a good example of cultural differences; (C) mediated through culturally-mediated childhood experiences; (D) A and C; (E) B and C

18. The first settlers of the U.S.: (A) were predominantly European; (B) brought with them selected European values; (C) brought with them the European system of law; (D) brought with them the basic organization of commerce tha...

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