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The Healing Power of
the Mind

Always feel like you are sinking?

The Idea:
People effect their
health by what they
think and feel as well
as by what they eat
and how they live.

A Little thought:
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Have you heard of
Multiple Personalities?

In Western Cultures:
Use Drugs
Other Medical
In Other Cultures:
Non-Medical Methods
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Water, Thoughts and Crystals

Mr. Masaru Emoto

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Can I have 6 volunteers?
Happy Thoughts

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Sad Thoughts


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The Discovery of Knowledge!
Week 1

Cite your Research
List the new information you discovered.
Why or Why not do you feel vulnerable?
How can you use the new knowledge?
Clean up your Action Plan with added
details about how, what specifically and/or
where it all happens. Start today!!!

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How many
M&M’s are in
the jar?
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Influence of Others
Week 2

Who is your support person?
How are they Influencing you?
What influenced you toward the bad Habit?
How are you feeling Physically/Psychologically
about your HBC?
5. Clean up your plan and re...

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