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123713404 Recruitment Retention Strategies Essay

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Recruitment &

Recruitment and retention strategies
Online recruitment - Employee referrals - Recruitment
process outsourcing – Head hunting

Executive education - Flexi timing –
Telecommuting - Quality of work life Work life balance - Employee empowerment Employee involvement -Autonomous work teams


Finding the right
person for
the right job
at the right time &
Keeping them


The Recruitment & Retention
Process must be driven by clear
policies, accountability, shared
responsibility, but most
importantantly managed by
professionals who have the
capacity to deliver


Recruitment refers to the process
of attracting, screening & Selecting
qualified people for position(s)
within an Organization


Retention is a systematic effort
by employers to create and
foster an environment that
encourages current employees
to remain with the Organization


Retention Strategy strengthen
the ability of business to
attract & retain their workforce
once the right staff have been


Providing tools to support
the staff
•Adopting effe...

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