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123 Arshanafrashanafarwininaarw Essay

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123asdfghjkl;lkuytrefgb vfvdefvbfdvbfdvbvgfrfgbthnm bytyhnhyb nhyhn nhn nhhn nhyhn nhyn nn nun nhuhn nju nnjun n jun jujm mjujm ju bgtgb vgv An accident, mishap, or, more archaically, misadventure, is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence.

Experts[who?] in the field of injury prevention avoid use of the term 'accident' to describe events that cause injury in an attempt to highlight the predictable and preventable nature of most injuries. Such inc...

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