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Classroom Management
What is Classroom Management?
Classroom management - as the used of rules and procedures to maintain order so that learning may result “The administration or direction of activities with special reference to such problems as discipline, democratic techniques, use and care of supplies and reference materials, the physical features of the classroom, general housekeeping and the social relationship of pupils.” - The Dictionary of Education by Good

According to Wikipedia:
It is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly. The First Days of School by Harry Wong
* Classroom management has been cited as one of the most serious obstacles in promoting effective teaching. * One of the most common reasons for teacher burnout and attrition of first year teacher. Principles of Classroom Management

1. Building a good relationship between teacher and students. * Address every student with names
* Show care and concern
* Use humor
* Involve class in some decision making
* Work hand-in-hand with students
2. Setting rules, routines and procedures.
3. Managing self
* Being fair
* Being firm/strict
* Being friendly
* Being optimistic and determined
* Maintain a professional image
4. Maintaining appropriate student behavior
5. Techniques of motivation
* Demonstrate good, active listening when students are speaking. * Using positive comments above students’ ability.
* Be aware of and note improvement, not just perfection. * Provide extensive, frequent and specific feedback.
* Provide reinforcement (verbal, non-verbal, and consumable)

Functions of Classroom Management
Planning, communication, and control are essential for all classrooms. They appear in different guises in every classroom because of the uniqueness of the classroom environment. 1. Planning - where objectives and procedures are selected. This also concerns ongoing activities and how they can be best organized. 2. Communications - by information's is transferred. These underscore the necessity to tell students what is expected of them. 3. Control - this expresses the need to maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. Importance of classroom management:

1. The proper management of students' conducts increases both the QUALITY and QUANTITY of work in the classroom. 2. A well -managed class is conducive to mental growth and development. 3. Learning becomes more interesting and enjoyable under favorable working conditions 4. Teacher can teach effectively only when conditions around him are favorable. 5. Pleasant surroundings induce good thoughts and inspire both teacher and pupils to do their best. Parts of Classroom Management

1. Organization - organizing is the first step in effective management 2. Control - classroom control refers to:
a. Teacher’s ability to maintain order
b. Sustain pupils’ attention
Classroom organization
Classroom Organization focuses on the physical environment. It is evident in a room even if no one is present. Furniture arrangements, location of materials, displays, and fixed elements are all part of organization. Effective teachers organize a safe classroom environment. They strategically place furniture, learning centers, and materials in order to optimize student learning and reduce distractions. There are four prin...

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