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Of Mice And Men
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The Role of Women
During the 1930s women were seen as a burden. Especially as it was the era of The Great Depression, jobs were scarce, there was insufficiency of money and 12 million people were left without a job. Men had to travel miles in search of work, on farms and ranches, like in 'Of Mice and Men.' In the 1930's many women started to go against the grain and step outside of the typical role of women. Women are discouraged from 'taking jobs' from men. Some states even pass laws against hiring women. But many women had to work- despite low wages and miserable working condition and working hours- in order to support their families. By 1938, more than 80,000 women belonged to unions, three times the number in 1928. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women's most significant professions. Often women had to force themselves to work at whorehous...

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