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Instructions: Try to find an example of each advertising and sales method listed. Enter your answer or attach an example that represents each method. Find at least five!

| | | |Advertising and Sales Method |Example: Attach or describe an example that you found from | | |advertisements (TV, radio, print, or online media). | | |Some supermarkets and food shops want to reduce their defective or | |On Sale |expired products; they usually use lower price or discount and advertise| |Sometimes a sale is really a sale, but it also can mean defective or |them to move them easily. | |expired products that are reduced only to move quickly. | | | |Sometimes, we can see buy one get one free, it’s a way t...

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123 3.99 42nd 50 add advertis also answer attach attract avail bag bait bewar big bought brand bundl busi buy chanc claim cloth common complet consum correct cost count day deal defect describ descript detail dfv discount door dumpl easili element enough enter essenti exampl expect expens expir fail fda fee find first five food forc form found free full get get-you-in-the-door gift give good great handl happen heard hidden holiday impuls inform instead instruct item last least left less like limit list ll lover lower mail make make-up market maxim may mean media memori method move must name next none noth number offer often oldest one one-time-on onlin opportun option packag pay pictur plus postag pressur price print probabl process product profit quick radio re real realli reason rebat reduc refund reject repres romant rule sale save say second see seem seller separ set ship shop shopkeep sign sometim soon special spend state store street strength stronger supermarket switch talk techniqu tell three time told tri trick tv two unclear urg use usual vagu valentin valuabl want way week went will won would