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Annexure - 1
Contract Specifications of Zinc
Contract Listing
Contract Start Day
Last Trading Day

Trading Period
Trading Session

Contracts are available as per the Contract Launch
1st day of contract launch month. If 1st day is a holiday
then the following working day.
Last calendar day of the contract expiry month. If last
calendar day is a holiday or Saturday then preceding
working day.
Mondays through Friday
Monday to Friday: 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m./11.55

Trading Unit
Quotation/Base Value
Price Quote

5 tons
Rs. per kg
Ex-Bhiwandi (exclusive of all taxes and levies relating
to import duty, customs, Sales Tax/VAT as the case
may be, special additional duty and octroi). At the time
of delivery, the buyer has to pay these taxes and levies
in addition to Delivery order rate.
Maximum Order Size
100 tons
Tick Size (Minimum Price 5 paise per kg
Daily Price Limits
The base price limit will be 4%. Whenever the base
daily price limit is breached, the relaxation will be
allowed upto 6% without any cooling off period in the
trade. In case the daily price limit of 6% is also
breached, then after a cooling off period of 15 minutes,
the daily price limit will be relaxed upto 9%
In case price movement in international markets is
more than the maximum daily price limit (currently 9%),
the same may be further relaxed in steps of 3% and
inform the Commission immediately.
Initial Margin
Minimum 5% or based on SPAN whichever is higher
or In case of additional volatility, an additional margin (on Special Margin
both buy & sell side) and/ or special margin (on either
buy or sell side) at such percentage, as deemed fit; will
be imposed in respect of all outstanding positions.
Allowable For individual clients: 3,600 MT for all Zinc contracts Open Position
combined together.
For a member collectively for all clients: 18,000 MT or
15% of the market wide open position, whichever is

higher, for all Zinc contracts combined together.
Delivery Unit
Delivery Period Margin
Delivery Centre
Quality Specifications

Due Date Rate

Delivery Logic

10 tons with tolerance limit of + / - 1 % (100 Kgs)
Within 20 Kilometers outside Mumbai octroi limit.
Zinc of 99.995% minimum purity. Zinc must conform
with the 99.995% graded zinc chemical composition of
the BS EN 1179:1996 Standard entitled "Zinc and Zinc
Alloys - Primary Zinc".
Form: Ingots (slabs and plates will be referred to as
Due date rate is calculated on the last day of the
contract expiry, by taking international spot price of
Zinc and it would be multiplied by Rupee-US$ rate as
notified by the Reserve Bank of India.
Both Option

Contract Launch Calendar of Zinc
Contract Launch
On approval from
the Commission
On ap...

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