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qweqConserving Energy with Hybrid Cars
The preservation of the environment and conservation of energy are dynamic topics in the political world of today and actions to be taken are discussed everyday.  It is time to advance beyond the ordinary gasoline engine automobile that has polluted our environment for several decades. The recurring problem that hasn’t been solved is the pollution from automobiles that harms the environment and uses fuel that won’t be around some time in the future. Neglect for the preservation of the environment has spread like an infection over the years, and automobiles are major players in the pollution of the environment. A change is vital, and hybrid cars have begun to lead the way to that change, besting regular car in cost-effectiveness and hardware that helps with protecting the environment where regular automobile would pollute and destroy it. Before addressing the current benefits of hybrid cars, it is necessary to first learn the adverse effects of the automobiles on the environment to support the facts the public needs to adapt to hybrid cars for the betterment of the environment. Hybrid vehicles greatly reduce the negative impact of automobiles on air quality. An article explains that, “When traditional gasoline is used as fuel, the combustion and evaporation of fuel from the vehicle results in pollutants being released into the environment including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency” (Sherwood). Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and high exposure has been known to cause permanent physical damage or death. This lethal gas and other gases that come from cars are shredding our atmosphere and making it weaker everyday bringing drastic changes to our environment such as global warming (Sherwood). Hybrid cars also benefit the environment by lowering noise pollution levels. This article reassures us that “Hybrid car engines go about churning the required amount of horsepower without any excessive roaring because when switched onto electric power mode, these cars are virtually silent” (Tintin). Switching to hybrid cars will be a big step to benefit the environment and tackling the issue of global warming. The environmental impacts from automobiles come in the dozens ranging from brake and tire debris to the toxicity of the lead-acid batteries in cars. These problems are also not to be taken lightly. For example, the “debris from tires and braking raises the toxicity levels of nearby soils and leads to the formation of black carbon. Both pollutants have been shown to cause lung toxicity and significant portions of particulate matter in urban areas” (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).  Painting and coating cause discharges of harmful materials such as nickel, copper, and hexavalent chromium into the atmosphere. Batteries are a more critical part of the automobile, and even though they can be recycled they ...

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