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Finding Jobs through Social Networking

A Term Paper
Presented to
Mrs. Onnah Talle
Department of English

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
ENGLISH 2 (Writing in the Discipline)
Second Semester, SY 2012-2013

Apple Mae Haguiling
Charmaine Kate T. Daarol
Ralph Iban

March 15, 2013

Social networking sites help us to find jobs. There is a way of selling and promoting business products and services and this is with the help of social networking sites. Finding jobs is one of the most common problems in our country. Finding the right people to reach through social networking sites can be a good start for your job hunting. If you already have a job and got fired because your company has to downsized employees, no need to worry that much. This is a common solution for a company that is facing economic problem. Through social networking sites, you can reconnect with your ex co-employees and they might help you find a decent job. Social networking is no longer an option. It’s part of how we live our lives. And it’s not just an intrinsic part of how we organize our weekends and how we get parties going but of how we research information, market our products and services and find out about a future recruit. (Tuten, 1967) It has changed the way people interact with each other forever. Social networking first existed an invention created in 1975 known as email, which is still used today. However social networking has advanced in to using a profile to give information about a user and his or her interest, and has integrated the use of email. Several networking sites have many positive effects such as remaining in contact with friends, meeting new people, providing educational benefits and more. (Jansson, 2010) Don’t you have a job? If you are jobless then there is a solution for that. Social networking sites help us to find jobs. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Multiply are just examples of social networking that would help you.

Market your product through setting up your online shop in Facebook. Connecting with people or customers is one way of engaging to your audience. Quality posts like posting pictures of your product and advertisements keep them interested. Through fans, you can also co...

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