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Lab report #11
Drosophila genetics
04, 11, 18/02/13

Student: Bolatkhanova M.
Partner: Ainabekova A.
Group : «G»
Tutor: Andy Hawkins

Fruit flies have been used for over 100 years for genetics study, to investigate genetics, because they have short generation time, means reproduce very quickly and in high numbers, so it is easy to observe changes, particularly mutations. Despite of drosophila’s small size a lot of different phenotypes can be distinguished. Also their genetics is well understood, which give us a base of knowledge. This experiment will cover three practical sessions: * in the first session we will cross a group of double mutant flies with wild type flies; * in the second session the results of previous (parental) cross will be examined and F1 self-cross will be set up; * in the third session F2 generation will be examined. The gene segregation will be observed and chi squared test will...

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