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Based on what i have red from the slides about Forward looking views in fiction, it has been a difficult ways of living in their time because of the discrimination of the Spaniards to the Filipinos or also called as the “indiyos”. Spanish colonization is the cause of the low class of the Filipinos living in the early times. It has been the worst time of living which causes the unstable of colonial administrators, corrupted government officials, no Philippine representation in the Spanish cortes, one of the highlighted are the denied human rights to the Filipino for example that there are no equality and pure discrimination is always have been received by the Filipinos, no equality before the law or there are no given justice and rights to a person, maladministration of justice, racial discrimination or the Spaniards calling us indiyos, forced labor or treating the low class Filipinos as slaves, haciendas owned by the friars or only the people tha...

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