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127 Hours Essay

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127 Hours.

I was trapped like a caged animal. The rocks was just sitting there hopelessly staring at me in a ferocious manner. I could just feel the heaviness of the rocks getting tighter and tighter as though they was clinging around my arm. The smell of the dampness of the air made me feel physically sick. All I could see was complete darkness. I started to scream for help but I got no reply apart from my own voice talking back to me. Echoing. My cry of help was met with silence. The realization had only just dawned upon me to what had actually really happened. I picked my bag up of the rock and started to rummage through to see what I could find; there was nothing but half a litre of water and a useless blunt utility knife. I just sat and thought for a while and the realization of me being trapped had finally sunk in. Many thoughts started to suddenly flash through my mind to what had happened. I never thought a day out hiking with a few friends and maybe do some rappelling so I could explore the slot canyons could turn out in such a disaster. My e...

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