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12727231 Minor Project Report For Bba Essay

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Prepared by
Anshul Gupta
B.B.A (Gen.), IIIrd Semester
Enrollment No. - 0821701707
Date - __________

Faculty guide:
Dr. Ajay Rathore

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies
2A & 2B Institutional Area, Madhuban Chowk, Rohini, Delhi-110085

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


This is to certify that ANSHUL GUPTA student of Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies has worked under my supervision and guidance on “Brand preference of Mobile Phones with special reference to MOTOROLA PHONES." He was in constant touch with me and the matter embodied in this report is original and authentic and same recommended for evaluation.

I wish him all the best in his entire future Endeavour.

Dr. Ajay Rathore
(Dean Acad



Project work is never the accomplishment of an individual rather it is an amalgamation of the efforts, ideas and co-operation of a number of entities.

I would like to thank GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY for giving an opportunity to work on a valuable project.

The completion of the project study that follows, seemed to be a distant goal had it not been for the contribution of Dr. Ajay Rathore for allowing me to work on a very intrinsic part on BRAND PREFERENCE OF MOBILE PHONES with Special reference to MOTOTROLA PHONES.I thank him for the ideas and basic concepts he delivered and shared with me, as they helped me a lot in accomplishing this project of mine.

(Anshul Gupta)


The project gives an insight of the telecom sector through Motorola India ltd. It basically helps understanding the brand preference of consumers with regard to mobile phones. It helps us to know what are the basis on which a customer chooses a particular brand when he purchases a new handset.

The project will help to learn about the growing telecom sector in India. The research will also bring to light what all factors a customer considers at the time of purchase of a new mobile phone.

Chapter No.
Chapter Name


1.1 Company profile

1.2 Introduction

1.3 Scope of industry

1.4 Objective

2.1 Sample size

2.2 Sample location

2.3 Research type

2.4 Data Types

Findings & Discussions





1.1 Company Profile

MOTOROLA Electronics a wholly owned subsidiary of MOTOROLA Electronics was established in January, 2003 after clearance from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). The trend of beating industry norms started with the fastest ever-nationwide launch by MOTOROLA in a period of 4 and 5 months with the commencement of operations in May 2003. MOTOROLA set up a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Greater Noida, near Delhi, in 2004, with an investment of Rs 500 Crores. During the year 2001, MOTOROLA also commenced the home production for its eco-friendly Refrigerators and established its assembly line for its PC Monitors at its Greater Noida manufacturing unit. The Greater Noida manufacturing unit line has been designed with the latest technologies at par with international standards at Korea and is one of the most Eco-friendly units amongst all MOTOROLA manufacturing plants in the world. The year 2001 witnessed MOTOROLA becoming the fastest growing company in the consumer electronics, home appliances and computer peripherals industry. The company had till the month of October 2001 achieved a cumulative turnover of Rs 5000 Crores in India since its inception in 2003 , making it the fastest ever Rs 5000 Crores clocked by any company in the Indian consumer electronics and home appliances industry. Having achieved this milestone, MOTOROLA achieved another benchmark with the first ever sales of One Lakh ACs (Windows and Splits) in a calendar year. MOTOROLA is poised to surpass its turnover target of Rs. 2700 Crores this year and clock a turnover of Rs. 3000 Crores. This year, MOTOROLA has emerged as the leader in Colour Televisions, Semi Automatic Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Frost-Free Refrigerators and Microwaves Ovens. In Colour Televisions having set the sales target of one million units of Color Televisions for 2002, MOTOROLA has already achieved the one million mark in the month ahead of its target.

MOTOROLA Electronics India is the fastest growing company in the consumer electronics, home appliances and computer peripherals industry today.

MOTOROLA Electronics is continually providing superior technology products & value for money to over 50 lac households in India. Mr. K.R. Kim, Managing Director, MOTOROLA Electronics said, "I am extremely pleased with our performance in 2006 as we have been able to sustain growth during a year of slowdown in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry." He added, "Our growth record has led us to expand manufacturing presence in India. We have accordingly reinforced our sales and distribution network through the concept of area offices to reach out more Indian consumers in semi urban and rural India."


Motorola started as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. The name Motorola was adopted in 1947, but the word had been used as a trademark since the 1930s. Founders Paul Galvin and Joe Galvin came up with the name Motorola when their company started manufacturing car radios. A number of early companies making phonographs, radios, and other audio equipment in the early 20th century used the suffix "-ola," the most famous being Victrola; RCA made a "radiola"; there was also a company that made jukeboxes called Rock-Ola, and a film editing device called a Moviola. The Motorola prefix "motor-" was chosen because the company's initial focus was in automotive electronics. Many of Motorola's products have been radio-related, starting with a battery eliminator for radios, through the first walkie-talkie in the world, defense electronics, cellular infrastructure equipment, and mobile phone manufacturing. The company was also strong in semiconductor technology, including integrated circuits used in computers. Motorola has been the main supplier for the microprocessors used in Commodore Amiga, Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh personal computers. The chip used in the latter computers, the PowerPC family, was developed with IBM and in a partnership with Apple (known as the AIM alliance). Motorola also has a diverse line of communication products, including satellite systems, digital cable boxes and modems


Motorola creates several different products for use of the government, public safety officials, business installments, and the general public. These products include cell phones, laptops, and radios.


Motorola developed the first truly global communication network using a set of 66 satellites. The business ambitions behind this project and the need for raising venture capital to fund the project led to the creation of the Iridium Company in the late 1990s. While the technology was proven to work, Iridium failed to attract sufficient customers and they filed for bankruptcy in 1999. Obligations to Motorola and loss of expected revenue caused Motorola to spin off the ON Semiconductor (ONNN) business August 4, 1999, raising for Motorola of about $1.1 Billion. Further declines...

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