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confirmed bias: a tendency to search for info that confirms one’s preconceptions   false consensus effect: an overestimation of how many people share one’s belief,  perspective, opinion, and value  

hindsight bias: “I­knew­it all­ along” phenomenon  variable: a factor of interest in a study  
independent variable: cause of change 
dependent variable: results of the manipulation  
control group: experimental or treatment group  
mean (average) median, mode: determines statistical significance (5%line, p value)  normal distributions: aka “bell curve” or “gaussian curve” show that most of the data points  clusters around the mean standard deviation  

Milgram obedience experiment: diffusion of identity   Blue eye brown eye experiment: subjective reality  
unconditioned response: unlearned  
neutral stimulus: fails to elicit the targets behavior   conditioned stimulus:​
a previously neutral stimulus that, after becoming associated with the  unconditioned stimulus 
positive reinforcement: strengthens behavior a pleasant consequence applied after the  individual performs the desire behavior 
negative reinforcement:​
a response or behavior is strengthened by stopping, removing, or  avoiding a negative outcome or aversive stimulus. 
natural selection: survival of the fittest for current condition   adaptation: a product of natural selection 
CNS: brain, spinal cord  

DNS: senses & motor neurons  
automatic: self regulating  ...

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11 12 128 2 3d 5 50 6 abil absolut abstract abus accept accommod account act action activ adapt addict adjust adolesc adult affect aggress aka along alter amid amygdala analysi anxieti appli apprais around arous assimil associ attent authorit authoritarian automat averag avers avoid awak awar back background balanc base becom begin behavior belief bell bias biolog birth blind blue bottom brain breath brown bundl callosum capac catastroph caus central centrat cerebellum cerebr challeng chang chemic child children classifi clear cliff cluster cns cognit cold combat combin comfort communic compassion concret condit confirm conquer conscious consensus consequ constant control coordin cord corpus cortex crawl cross cue current curv daili data death defin degre dehabitu delinqu depend depress depth desir detect determin detriment deviat differ difficulti diffus dimens disast disciplin discomfort disequilibrium distribut divorc dns drink drive drug eat effect elicit emot emul encod energi enforc engag enjoy environ equilibrium error establish event ex excess exercis exist expect experi experienc experiment extern eye factor fail faint fals fatigu favor fear feel fiber field figur find firm fittest focus formal format four front frontal function gain gaussian gland glass global good grand gray ground group habitu harsh hassl head health hear heart hered hesit high higher hindsight hippocampus hormon hypothalamus idea ident identifi ignor ill imit inabl inattent incorpor independ individu infant influenc info interact interest intern interpret intuit irrevers irrit item judgement knew known layer lead learn less level librari life limbic limit line littl lobe locat logic long lose loss love low maintain make mani manipul manner matter maximum may mean median medulla memori mental midst milgram minimum mirror mode modifi mood most motiv motor movement must natur need negat neglect negoti neuron neutral new normal nurtur obedi object occipit one onto oper opinion optim order org organ orient origin other outcom outsid overestim p parasympathet parent pariet part particular passiv pattern peac peopl perceiv percept perform period permiss person perspect phenomenon physic pituitari play pleasant point poor popular posit practic pre preconcept predict presenc previous problem process product proport psychoact psycholog punit purpos rapid rate rather ration realiti reason receptor refer refus regul reinforc reject releas remov repres respons result reticular revert rule scheme school search see select self sens sensat sensori sensorimotor set share shoe short show side signal signific situat sleep small solut somat sophist specif spinal stabl stage stand standard state station statist steadi stimul stimuli stimulus stop strengthen stress stressor studi subject sublimin substanc surround surviv symbol sympathet system tabl target tempor tendenc term thalamus theori thin thing think thought threat threshold tie time toler top transduct treatment trial two type uncondit unfavor unlearn unpleas unstabl use usual valu variabl ventur visual voluntari warm warmth way wed without word yr yrs