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128145 Level 1 Unit 01 Conforming Essay

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Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the

Unit Title:
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Credit value:
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Unit aim and purpose
The aim of this unit is to illustrate the skills, knowledge and understanding required to confirm competence in conforming to general health, safety and welfare in the workplace within the relevant sector of industry.

Learning Outcomes
The Learner will:
1 Comply with all
health, safety
and welfare

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Assessment Criteria
The Learner can:
1.1 Comply with information
from workplace inductions
and any health, safety and
welfare briefings attended
relevant to the occupational

Information may include:
• risk assessments
• safe systems of work
• organisational procedures
• use of PPE (Personal
Protective Equipment)
• training notes
(Hazardous Substances)
• safety data sheets
• product labels
• European and international
• storage requirements
• control measures
• waste disposal procedures
• Reporting procedures
• Collective protection


Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria
1.2 Use health and safety
control equipment safely to
carry out the activity in
accordance with legislation
and organisational

1.3 Comply with statutory
requirements, safety notices
and warning notices
displayed within the
workplace and/or on

1.4 State why and when health
and safety control
equipment, identified by the
principles of protection,
should be used relating to
types, purpose and
limitations of each type, the
work situation, occupational
use and the general work
environment, in relation to:
• collective protective
• personal protective
equipment (PPE)
• respiratory protective
equipment (RPE)
• local exhaust ventilation


Health and safety control equipment
may include:
o hi-visibility clothing
o hard hats
o safety footwear
o hearing protection
 ear plugs
 ear defenders
o eye protection
 safety glasses
 eyeshields
o gloves
o harnesses
o masks
o respirators
• handling equipment
• signs, notices, barriers, tapes
• safety data sheets
• spillage equipment
• collective protection equipment
Statutory requirements may include:
• HASAW act
• Codes of practice
• COSHH regulations
• REACH European directive
• Offices, shops and railway
premises act
• notices
o safety signs (blu...

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