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Conversations are the ideal form of communication in some respects, since they allow people with different views of a topic to learn from each other. For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions.The employment of dialogue has the power to add a sense of realism to the story by integrating the dimension of speech to the characters. This in turn adds depth, power and authenticity to ones’ work. The play ‘the club; written by David Williamson, the film ‘Meet Joe Black’ directed by Martin Brest and the lyrics “Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens all allow the audience to connect with the characters effectively through the composers’ use of language techniques and themes of dialogue.

The club by David Williamson exposes how people use language and tactics to manipulate one another, concluding that there are no heroes and, every character is flawed. Williamson establishes differing relationships between Ted and Laurie in the extract where Ted attempts to control himself during times of tension within the club, such as the insensitive press statement. He begins in a serious, business-like voice whilst trying to remain calm. It appears that Ted is trying to be on Laurie’s side ‘thanks for coming Laurie’, and ‘but nobody blames you’. His speech, however, becomes more explosive, revealing his emotions which he then expresses through bewilderment and frustration. The club is t...

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