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Unit R005
Creating an Interactive product
using multimedia components

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012


Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components Aims

This unit builds on Units R001 and R002 and learners will be able to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in those units and vice versa.
This unit will enable learners to demonstrate their creative flair by combining multimedia components to create a vibrant, energetic or stimulating www, webpage, or interactive product. Interactive products are used widely in everyday life; from visiting a website, ordering online products, using mobile phone applications, viewing a presentation, e-learning products or playing computer games.

On completion of this unit learners will be able to show how the interactive product meets both the user needs and extends their capability within the use of applications software such as website development.

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to design interactive products
Learners must be taught how to:

select and use the software features appropriate to the interactive products to aid in the design process, i.e. website, tablet/mobile phone apps, gaming platforms, presentation software

identify success criteria, i.e. meeting the client brief, component quality, composition and the extent to which the product is interactive

select and use different forms of navigation site planning techniques, i.e. mood boards, spider diagrams, mind mapping, site plans, house-style, hand-drawn templates

source and store multimedia components for inclusion in products and how to make ready where applicable, i.e. source components images, video, sound, animation, scripting, sprites. Storage will necessitate the use of different file types1, i.e. swf, html, sis, app, exe, xaml, xml, ppt

understand the implications of legislation on their sources, i.e. Copyright Law; Intellectual Property; photo permissions and releases; acknowledgement and referencing of sources2

select the applications software dependent on purpose and audience, i.e. web authoring software, game making software, ‘App’ development software or presentation authoring software.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to create interactive products containing multimedia components Learners must be taught how to:

combine components using techniques (e.g. alternative pathway, user interaction and effects)

use templates, i.e. master slides, environments, cascading style sheets

create a navigation system, i.e. navigation bar, buttons, hyperlinks, mouse /keyboard controls, menus and drop down lists, graphical user interface

set up interaction, i.e. roll over, drag and drop, input form, behaviours (e.g. pop up messages, shake, fades, and sounds) triggers, collision, scripting, hot spots

use effects, i.e. transitions, html clock, fade in, fade out, custom animation.

© OCR 2012 OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT


Learning Outcome 3: Be able to carry out usability testing
Learners must be taught how to:

test the product during production and where appropriate review tools and techniques used in line with the success criteria

test the product post completion against the success criteria using a variety of feedback methods including client feedback.

Links between units and synoptic assessment
1 Unit

R001 LO2 supports this by developing an understanding of appropriate file types.

2 Unit

R001 LO4 supports this by developing an understanding of the implications of copyright legislation and the consequences of non-compliance with its provisions.


© OCR 2012 OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Model Assignment
Assessment Material
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in ICT
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Diploma in ICT
Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

Please note:
This OCR model assignment is to be used to provide evidence for the unit identified above. Alternatively, centres may ‘tailor’ or modify the assignment within permitted parameters (see Information for Teachers). It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that any modifications made to this assignment allow learners to show that they can meet all of the learning outcomes and provide sufficient opportunity for learners to demonstrate achievement across the full range of marks.


The OCR administrative codes associated with this unit are:

unit entry code


certification codes

Certificate J810 / Diploma J820

The accreditation numbers associated with this unit are:

unit reference number


qualification reference(s)

certificate 600/4776/8
diploma 600/4778/1

Duration: Approximately 10 hours
ALL OF THIS MATERIAL MAY BE PHOTOCOPIED. Any photocopying will be done under the terms of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 solely for the purposes of assessment.

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

Page Number(s)
Scenario for the assignment
This section contains the assignment background which learners will need to be familiar with in order to complete the tasks.


Your Tasks
This section contains all the tasks learners must complete before work can be submitted for assessment.


Guidance on using this assignment
This section provides guidance to centre staff on the preparation and completion of the assignment.


Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

Model Assignment: Information for Learners
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in ICT
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Diploma in ICT
Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Scenario for the Assignment
‘Out and Up’ is a company that runs team-building exercises for young adults. The company has recently bought a small plot of woodland and has set up an activity centre that includes an assault course and a café.

‘Out and Up’ want to use new technology to advertise this new activity centre to youth groups. You have been asked to produce an interactive multimedia product that would advertise the facilities available at the centre in a manner that would appeal to adults between the ages of 17 and 23. ‘Out and Up’ are aware that this advertising could take many different forms and are happy for you to decide on an appropriate format for your product. However, the product must have a consistent style throughout.

‘Out and Up’ already has a reputation for creating exciting team-building exercises and wants to continue this reputation with the new activity centre. They are keen that the advertising that is created for the centre should reflect their reputation. Therefore, they have asked that the advertising uses a range of interactivity and effects to create an advert that appeals to the target audience, is visually exciting and leads to bookings being made at the new centre. In order to create your interactive multimedia product, you will need to: 

Plan a product that meets the needs of the brief

Source multimedia components, taking account of relevant legislation

Create your product

Test your product, both whilst you are making it and once it has been completed.

You could use components (assets) from a range of sources, including those that teachers from your school have already sourced, in order to create your interactive multimedia product.

Read through all of the tasks carefully, so that you know what you will need to do to complete this assignment.

You will need to have access to the marking criteria. Your teacher can explain the marking criteria if you need further clarification.

You will need to draw upon relevant skills/knowledge/understanding from other units you have studied in this qualification.

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Your Tasks
Task 1: Design interactive multimedia products
Learning Outcome (LO) 1 is assessed in this task.
It is important that, before you start to make your product, you have thought about what it is you are going to make, the resources you will need to include, how you are going to combine these resources together to create a suitable interactive multimedia product and how you will decide whether the completed product is suitable.


Produce a design specification for your interactive multimedia product. This specification should include the following:

A list of success criteria. These criteria should be used to decide whether or not the completed product meets the needs of the client.

The type of interactive multimedia product you are going to create. This should be one of the following:

a tablet or mobile phone app
a game
a product created using multimedia authoring or presentation software

The product you create should show your creative flair and be a vibrant, energetic and stimulating product.

A plan for your product in a suitable format. This plan should show the interactive components that will be included within the product, as well as the content and key events.

The software you intend to use to create the product.



Explain the reasons for your choice of:

the type of product you are going to create

the software you are going to use.

Source and store multimedia components for inclusion in the product you are going to make, taking account of any relevant legislation. Make a list of all the components you have stored. Explain why you have chosen each component and consider the legal implications of using each of them in your product.

You should demonstrate your ability to draw upon relevant skills/knowledge/understanding from other units you have studied.

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Task 2: Making your interactive multimedia product
Learning Outcome (LO) 2 and part of Learning Outcome (LO) 3 are assessed in this task. You are now ready to create your interactive multimedia product. Create your product by carrying out the following activities: 

import your components into your chosen editing software

create the interactive multimedia product that you have planned

test your product as you develop it and on completion, to ensure that it works as intended.

Task 3: Product testing
Part of Learning Outcome (LO) 3 is assessed in this task.
Test the extent to which your finished product meets the needs of the client. When testing your completed product, you should:

obtain and analyse a variety of feedback to decide how well your product meets the success criteria you established in Task 1.

Unit R005 – Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

© OCR 2012

Information for Teachers
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in ICT
OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Diploma in ICT
Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedi...

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