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Juror 8 shows high moral strength and confidence in the jury room when he believes that the young boy is not guilty of the crime he was accused of, and so he voted not guilty. Rather than allow a group to alter his values, he remained true to himself and prevented a fatal error occurring. Although Juror 8 had streng...

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10 12 3 8 9 abhorr abl accus allow also alter although analysi anger angri attempt behind believ bigot bitter boy brought care chair charact clear confid constant crime death delinqu demonstr destroy discuss electr end error evid eye fail fair fatal faux flaw group guilti hadn high horribl ignor juri juror justic major man mani member men moral much name natur necess obscur occur open other overcom pas peopl person play point prejudic prevent pursu rather reason remain room sadist sarcast save see seek show shown signific simpl slum son strength success support talk toward true truth twelv vain valu vicious violent vote want wasn weak word would young