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12 Angry Men Character Analysis Essay

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 12 Angry Men Analysis

April 12th, 2013
RE: Assignment# 3: Twelve Angry Men Analysis

The film “12 Angry Men” depicted a jury attempting to render a unanimous verdict in the murder trial of a teenage boy. The entire process portrayed various leadership qualities and tactics that help the minority transform the opinions of the majority. The story demonstrated how the various jurors’ biases and prejudices influence their decisions and how effective leadership could aid in realizing and defeating them in order to achieve justice.The analysis of the movie is as follows: Characters

Leaders and their tactics
The foreman
Five important leadership qualities

The Postulant Foreman
The Reluctant Clerk
The Tenacious Father
The Stern Stockbroker
The Scared Slumdog
The Dim-witted Painter
The Anxious Baseball fanatic
The Diplomatic Leader
The Old Wise Man
The Bigoted Old Man
The Patriotic Immigrant
The Absent-minded Advertiser

The Postulant Foreman
The foreman had a polo shirt on with a tie, trying to look professional as he seemed impressed with his authority. He was trying to be a fair leader by suggesting voting with a ballot and was taking his role seriously by trying to keep the proceedings formal. His personal flaw was that he was sensitive to criticism and expected everyone to just follow his directions.

The Reluctant Clerk
He was very shy and lacked self-confidence. He was terrified by others so he was easily influenced by others’ opinion. This small man depended on other’s opinions and his need to fit to form his own opinion. He also could not explain the roots of his own opinion and mention that this was his intuition.

The Tenacious Father
He was a stubborn bulky man who tended to insult other jurors throughout the proceedings. His bad relationship with his son influenced his point of view. His bias was that he projects his feelings of betrayal towards his son onto the defendant and so he always insisted that the defendant was guilty.

The Stern Stockbroker
The stockbroker seemed oblivious to the proceeding at the beginning as he was preoccupied reading ...

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