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12 Angrymen Answers Essay

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1 Describe and evaluate how membership—the people in the team—affect dynamics within the team. From the movie “12 Angry Men”, we can we can learn that how leadership can reduce opposite opinions, and align them together to come to a single conclusion.

The first positive move that Fonda’s character made towards integrating opposing views was his overall approach to the current situation. The opposing opinions of the jury members were used to understand differing viewpoints. The basic idea presented in the film was that the having multiple opinions would eventually lead to the best possible solution.

In order to minimize difference of opinions, it is essential to understand that diversity in opinion is chance to come to the best possible solution. If we can handle the different opinions in a right way then we can have a better understanding of the situation. The most creative people in the group probably have the most diverse ideas which will eventually to the best possible solution that which will appeal to most of the individuals.

Indeed diversity has its own challenges. This is because people consider their opinions better than others. This becomes a problem because every group member wants his opinions to have weightage in the conversation. One way to make people with varied viewpoints comfortable and appreciated in the group is by listening to their viewpoints properly. It is because of this process of active listening, that group members with different viewpoints can really develop personal relationships which are really important in a group conversation. This is a mandatory skill for leaders to have and in this movie Fonda uses this behavior. Fonda shows this skill by effective conversation, to understand the feelings of the other jury members.

Needless to say, 12 jury members responsible for life or death of a young boy can be considered a difficult situation as well as the time pressures presented from some members created even more pressure. As a way of reduce this stress, Fonda was clear of his intentions to simply “talk about it”. This dialogue had a way of allowing the jury members to share the stress among each other. How did the personalities, backgrounds, and styles of the jury members affect the internal team dynamics for each of Juror? The only person in the movie who did not truly believe the boy was culprit even though everyone was against him. He expressed his opinions in such a way that everyone in the group has to change its opinion as per him. The importance of information provider is to present facts in order to help in decision making. Joseph Sweeney discussed about the chances that an old man could be false as a witness and also that a woman who had could have a poor eyesight. Jack Klugman had an idea about the usage of knives as he came from a slum background so he provided the information about the angle of the knife. Henry Fonda’s character also plays the role of an information seeker by requesting more information about the case before reaching to a final conclusion. E. G. Marshall was also an information seeker. He was logical and focused on the facts and information which he saw rather than different opinions of the members. J. Cobb and Ed Begley presented their opinions and even their assumptions about the culprit based on his young age and background as an immigrant. Lee J. Cobb and Ed Begley talked a lot but their communication with others which did not work well and ultimately nobody listened to their views. Jack Warden was also an opinion giver. He insisted that the culprit was guilty without any more consideration. On the other hand, Martin Balsam as the jury foreman was an opinion seeker by asking for the opinions of the other members before making a decision. George Voskovec and Henry Fonda provided the information which the team members found and made connections. This approach helped other group members to think more logically. An energizer is responsible for stimulating the group to continue working. Henry Fonda made other members focus on the facts and the other standpoints about the crime throughout the movie by asking related questions. Henry Fonda was both an energizer and an evaluator in the jury. How personality type in groups can affect the group’s performance is shown by the socially related roles in the movie. The group member’s personality affects how much he participates socially in a team discussion within the communication climate. Group ...

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