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12 Basicsafetyrules Essay

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Make sure you are in
an appropriate mental
and physical condition
when at work.


Make sure you are
adequately trained before
performing any activity.


Think about possible risks
before starting any activity.
Stop the work and seek
your supervisor’s advice
if you notice an unforeseen
or unacceptable risk.


Follow the procedures
and never take short-cuts.









Wear the required
Personal Protective
Equipment and never
modify it.

Use a fall protection
system when working
at height.

Use correctly the
appropriate tools and
safety devices. Never
modify or remove them.

Use lock-outs and deenergize the machinery
before working on
equipment or entering
restricted areas.

Operate equipment and
vehicles only if you hold
the proper license and
follow the traffic rules.

Maintain a safe distance
from moving vehicles.

Never stand under or near
a suspended load. When
operating cranes, keep your
eye on the load.

Report all accidents,
incidents, near-misses and
unsafe behavior/conditions.

never Sleeps
For most of us, not having a good night’s sleep means
dragging our feet the next day as we perform our
usual tasks. In Rolando’s case, it also resulted in physical injuries and damaged equipment.


Make sure you are mentally and physically alert while at work. Do not work if you are not physically or psychologically able to pay the required attention. The main causes of accident due to unsuitable physical or psychological condition are tiredness, medication or drug or alcohol use.” Working under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted on any Tenaris site and is considered a severe violation. If you are not in the appropriate condition, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but also the people who work around you. If you are taking any medication that may affect your ability to work safely, you should discuss this with your supervisor and physician immediately.

The unrelenting buzz of a mosquito. The cry
of a hungry baby. The unforeseeable strike
of insomnia. These are just a few of many
circumstances that can disturb our daily sleeping routine. At some point in our lives all of us have had to go to work without adequate
rest. While it is a common scenario, it is also a
potential safety hazard we should all be aware
of, as Rolando’s case exemplifies (based on a
real case that happened at a Tenaris mill).
Rolando - 23-year-old employee with more
than three years in the company and no previous accidents - operates a truck at the mill’s yard during the midnight shift. One particular
night, he felt especially drowsy but told himself that with a shot of black coffee and a deep breath of fresh air he would make it through
the few hours he had left of his shift.
However, without realizing it, his sleepiness
had already caused him to make several hazardous mistakes. After discovering that the safety belt inside the truck was not in
working condition, he ignored a basic rule
and decided to drive without it.

In either case, Rolando’s night began just like
any other. That was until he fell asleep at
the wheel. Technically, he lost control of his
truck for no more than a second, but that was
enough for the truck to skid to one side. The
rear axle hit a pipe rack, sending the vehicle
head on into a second rack. Although the
collision took place at a fairly low speed, the
force of the impact sent a “beltless” Rolando
to one side of the cabin. While he only suffered minor injuries in his head and elbows, Rolando lost several days of work for his
recovery period.
Not being mentally and physically alert while
at work can put us in a condition of increasing the possibility to suffer an injury or cause injuries to people working around us.
For this reason it is important to discuss this
kinds of situations with our supervisors,
in order to take the proper precautions.
This also applies if we take special medication
or substances that produce changes in perception. Unlike Rolando, make sure that you speak up before you “crash” down.

Also, while he joked with some of his colleagues about his tiredness, he failed to mention it to his supervisors, perhaps for fear of a reprimand or just carelessness.


is safety
Training is crucial to carrying out any work inside the plants. Let us see how the incident that involved Antonio occurred and what could have been done to prevent it.


Make sure that you are adequately trained before undertaking any activities. Training is vital if you want to learn the correct and safe method of conducting any type of operation. It means being ready for any potential emergency situation during the execution of a task or while using machinery. Training also offers the opportunity to clarify any doubts; analysing difficulties and potential problems. It also allows you to conduct practical tests in a controlled and secure environment in order to improve your skills.

While carrying out work within an area, it can
sometimes happen that you have to perform
an activity for which you have had no adequate and specific training. In these cases, assuming that you are able to continue based
on experience alone, or as a result of training
received for similar operations, you may incur
serious risks, as in the case of Antonio,
a worker in a Tenaris plant.
Antonio is 26 years old and has worked for
5 years in a Tenaris plant, without any accidents. One day, while performing a normal maintenance operation, he realized that the
connections on the mains switch of an electrical cabinet needed to be secured. Although he had only received general preparation, Antonio, with the intention of carrying out the work quickly, decided he was able to

operate without requesting assistance from an
electrical maintenance worker, because he felt
– erroneously – that this specific task would,
after all, not be much different from the work
that he usually did.
Taking this decision, Antonio made a serious
mistake: in fact, when you realize that you do
not have the training necessary to perform
an activity, you must immediately notify your
supervisor and evaluate with him how to proceed, for example by involving those who have the necessary skills or adapting them.

So Antonio started to work: he wore the
correct personal protective equipment, and
began to tighten the main terminals of the
cabinet. Not having received specific training
however, he did not realize that the cabinet he
was working on was still live, and so, when
he touched the metal frame, it generated an
electrical arc flash.
Antonio got away with burns to the hand and
a major scare, but the risk to which he exposed
himself and his colleagues was very high.
If the training you have received is incomplete
or inadequate for the task that you are doing or
if you attempt to carry out a task for which you
have not been properly trained, it is important
that you do not improvise but that you immediately inform your superior, the person in charge or the relevant safety manager.
Thus, always make sure that you are adequately
trained before undertaking any type of operation.
Training is vital if you want to learn the correct and safe method of conducting any type of operation. It means being ready for any
potential emergency situation during the execution of a task or while using machinery.


Avoid risks
by thinking properly!
Carefully analyzing all possible risks is essential before performing any task. Moreover, if you face an unexpected or unacceptable risk while carrying out an activity, you must stop working and notify your supervisor. Let us se...

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