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12 Ben1 Pp Idiolecttable Essay

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Stereotype/ Positive 
character or caricature 


Role in the novel 


Positive dynamic character 

Complex/ compound 
sentences­ show her 
intelligence and wit 
Triple syntactical structures­ 
Austen uses these with 
more respectable 
characters, logical 
development of arguments  

Smart, lively, attractive, 
critical, independent, 
self deprecating, 
altruistic, dynamic, 
rounded, realistic, 
relatable, witty, 

“Novel’s heroine”, seen as the ideal woman of the age, is  the voice of Austen, has passion and integrity that others do  not possess, does not conform to societal expectations,  story and events follow Elizabeth, plot is developed by her  struggles, represents ‘prejudice’. She is a three dimensional  character in that she has flaws which she seeks like Darcy  to overcome e.g. initial prejudice against Darcy, initially  blinded by Wickham’s charms before realising he is a  manipulative opportunist. 


Positive dynamic character 

Triple syntactical structures,  Appears proud and 
compound sentences 
vain, egotistical, aloof, 
(shown in letters) 
mysterious, handsome, 

Represents ‘pride’, romantic hero, dynamic to represent the  changes Austen hopes f...

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12 absorb abstract abstrus act action adject adverbi affect age alon aloof although altruist amount antagonist apathet apathi appear argument aristocraci arrog attent attract austen avenu battl ben1 bennet bingley blind blunt bookish borrow bring care caricatur carolin catherin chang charact charlott charm church class clergyman clich cold collin comed comic comment compat complet complex compound concern concret confid conform consid contrast critic critiqu cynic darci deceiv delic deprec destruct detach develop dialogu diction didact dimension direct discern disgrac domest done doubl duplic dynam e.g easili educ egotist elizabeth els empathi end enigmat era etc event everyon excess exclam exclamations/rhetorical expect extend face fail failur fair father favourit figur flaw flirt flirti foil follow frivol gardin gender general generat gentl gentri giddi good handsom heart hero heroin high highlight hope huge humour hungri hurt hyperbol hypocrit ideal idiolect idiolectt ignor independ indulg inequ initi insensit insincer institut integr intellig intensifi iron irrespons jane judgement juxtapos kind kitti l lack ladi land languag larg leav lesson letter liar like litot live logic long loquaci love luca lydia main major manipul mari mark marri materialist matrimoni method middl militia mind moral mother mr mrs mrs.bennet ms mysteri naiv napoleon narrow negat neither non normal noun novel obsess obstacl older opportunist other outgo overbear overcom overlong overt overus pair parent part passion passiv patern path person plain play plot pompous pontif poor portrait posit possess power pp practic prejudic pretti pride problem prolix properti proud punctuat question rather ration reader realis realist realiti reason reclus reflect regard relat relief remind repres respect respons result reveal rogu role romant round rule satir satiris see seek seem seen self selfish sensibl sentenc show shown sign silli similar simpl sister smart social societ societi status stereotyp still stori structur struggl stubborn supercili superl sympathet sympathi syntact teas term though thought three time togeth toward tremend tripl two typic tyrann upper usag use vain verbal visit voic vulgar war warm waspish wealthi well wherea whose wick wickham wit without witti woman women world wrong young younger