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12 Changmmw122 Lectureoutlinetwelvetheexcessesofempire2015 Essay

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Outline Lecture Twelve—The Excesses of Empire
Key Focus:
1) Imperialism in theory vs. imperialism in practice
2) “Superstructure”  of  imperialism  vs.  its  socio-economic legacy in Africa I) The Scramble for Africa 1875-1900
a) Averting Economic Crisis at Home
i) Targeting African continent by 1870s
(1) “Growing  commercial  rivalry  brought  home  to  civilized  nations  the  vital  necessity   of  securing  the  only  remaining  fields  for  industrial  enterprise  and  expansion”   (Frederick Lugard, governor-general of British Nigeria)

ii) Berlin West Africa Conference 1884-1885
iii) Swift and...

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