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What is E-Cycling?

Technology surrounds us everyday, but what happens to them when they stop working? Since people have become more concerned about the environment over more recent years, the process of e-cycling has come about. E-cyling is just a term used to describe how certain types of electronic waste can be recycled and reused to prevent waste and pollution. Manufacturers will send customers information about how to ship the item to an e-cycling facility. Sometimes a community will have agencies help people dispose of electronic waste or they can get into contact with nonprofit organizations that specialize in recycling. Many companies are eligible to receive tax breaks for recycling their old electronic equipment. More recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been trying to promote the practice, but it is actually a very controversial issue and number of problems arise when electronics are recycled.

Description of E-Cycling

Basically, e-cycling is all about finding ways to recycle and reuse electronics of types from microwaves, computers, stereos, VCRs, DVDs, phones and televisions. When these items are sent to e-cycling facilities they could be disassembled, repaired, or certain components may be recycled. Most of the time, there are certain parts, metals or components that can be reused, but sometimes there may be nothing left to salvage. E-cycling has grown substantially due to the fact that most electronics become obsolete very quickly and frequently dispose of them. In certain countries, there have also been more opportunities for a secondary market of electronics.

Advantages of E-Cycling

E-cycling does have a number of advantages for both consumers and the environment. E-cycling reduces the amount of electronic waste found in landfills and it helps reduce mining of the metals used to make the products. They help increase the overall life cycle of electronics in general since they can be repaired or parts can be reused in other products. In turn, lower the amount of items that the manufacture will produce and lessen their carbon emissions. Under certain situations, these products and components can be resold on a secondary market and offer reduced prices to consumers. E-cycling has become a cottage industry of sorts because a number of nonprofit organizations, businesses and e-cycling facilities have been able to contribute to the economy.

Disadvantages of E-Cycling

Though e-cycling has some environmental bene...

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