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12 Hourshiftsversus8 Hourshifts Essay

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12 Hour Shifts versus 8 Hour Shifts
Terri Lynn McCarley, RN
Ohio Christian University
Professor Decker
October 28, 2013

The purpose of this paper is to compare the preference of eight hour shifts and 12 hour shifts. This paper reviews how the nurse’s age and gender affect the survey. It also looks at their marital status along with the reason why they prefer eight hour shifts or 12 hour shifts. In response to economic, technology, and social pressure a 24 hour operation is very common in most workplaces today. This response requires the workforce to accept and become more adaptive to various forms of shiftwork schedules. Hypothesis Statement: Nurses prefer 12 hour shifts

Null Hypothesis: Nurse have no preference in 8 hour shifts versus 12 hour shifts Level of Risk or Level of Significance is set at .05

The thirty-five Registered Nurse, of a psychiatric unit, were manually surveyed to determine what shift they preferred to work. Each nurse was asked if they preferred eight hour shifts or if they preferred to work 12 hour shifts. Each nurse met with the supervisor and director to discuss the different concerns and/or options of the two shifts. The areas of concerns about implementing 12 hour shift were: (a) Safety; (b) Sleep, Physical Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing; (c) Fatigue and Performance in Work; (d) Absenteeism and Turnover; (e) Nurses Attitudes, Preferences and Morale and (f) Overtim...

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