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12 Th Final Tok Essay Final Draft Essay

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Milca Pierre
Mrs. Jones
28 February 2015

"With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.” There are a variety of ways in which knowledge is regarded. For the purpose of this evaluation, knowledge can be viewed as a conclusion that an individual arrives at after considering various ways of knowing, or a social conclusion reached by a group of people. These are known as personal and shared knowledge. In order to evaluate the effect that one has another, the question must first be answered: "To what extent is personal knowledge acquired in the areas of the Arts and Ethics subject to change due to the opinions of others?" In order to evaluate this knowledge issue, one must first evaluate the subjectivity of these Areas of Knowledge. Once evaluated, we can arrive to the conclusion that the extent to which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge is dependent on the subjectivity of the Area of Knowledge. Shared knowledge is likely to affect our own personal knowledge in an Area of Knowledge that tends to be more subjective in nature.The Area of Knowledge of Ethics presents a certain level of subjectivity. Because there are a variety of ethical worldviews that exist, all of society does not agree over every ethical dilemma that is presented. However, each ethical worldview has a large group of individuals who agree on these beliefs. That is why ethical worldviews can be seen as shared knowledge. When one individual is raised within a...

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