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12 Th Night Essay

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Twelfth Night Analysis

Twelfth Night delves into different types of love. Twelfth Night is probably trying to convey a message about love being completely different depending on the situation at hand. The play may also try to tell us that being infatuated with someone out of your league is not true love if the crush doesn’t have the same feelings. One sided love scenarios is quite heart breaking and unfortunate for the person who has a crush on the girl or boy of their dreams. Twelfth Night may also try to teach us to not give our own heart away completely! It’ll be easy to get heart broken if someone throws themselves at the crush. It’s not smart or intelligent for the infatuated person to make themselves appear very easy for their crush to see in plain sight. Just what will stop the crush from taking total advantage of the person and also taking the person’s virginity? What will stop them from leaving him/her stone cold after they’re finished with their victim permanently? Absolutely nothing! The infatuated person will only gain rejection, hurt feelings, and a totally different view on true love from that horrible experience. Also, the play explores many different kinds of love. Romantic love isn’t the only one out there in the world! The play is tryi...

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