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12 Th Night Analysis Essay

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Write a critical analysis of the following passage, paying particular attention to the presentation and theme. In my essay, I intend to argue the key themes of social hierarchy, complex love, love at first sight and unrequited love. The theme of love is presented through Viola’s and Olivia’s intimate interaction, the development of Olivia’s love for Viola, and the expression of the kind of love Olivia desires. The theme of social hierarchy is presented through diction. Firstly, through Viola and Olivia’s intimate interaction in this extract, the theme of complex love is presented. Despite it not being Orsino’s direct order, when Viola comes into contact with Olivia, she boldly asks to ‘let [her] see [Olivia’s] face’. This bold request shows that Viola has a very strong desire to find out how Olivia looks like, so as to understand why Orsino is so deeply in love with her, as she herself is in love with Orsino. For that, she is willing to even break the social boundaries of hierarchy that binds the two of them, therefore proving to me her limitless love for Orsino. During this interaction, Olivia is also shown to have developed feelings for Viola, who is disguised as Cesario. She goes along with Viola’s request and agrees to ‘draw the curtain and show [Viola] the picture’. This shows that Olivia is willing to remove the physical barriers in her conversation with Viola and bring their communication to a more personal level by removing her veil. In doing so, Olivia is showing that she wishes to know more about Viola and at the same time, wants Viola to know more about her. This proves that she has a personal interest in Viola, and has a love for Viola that ...

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