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UMD: Arabic Studies: Immersion program offered in Language House. Study abroad offered for Morocco and Egypt. 24 core language classes, at least 18 credits (minimum of 9 in upper level) electives in Arabic, up to 9 credits of ARAB electives in English, no grade lower than a C (2.0) may be used toward the major. Requires foreign language placement test before registration (can be taken online) but I may be exempt. Application for language house requires essay reference and oral interview, deadline march 1. Also have flagship program, which combines academic year, summer, and abroad. Must be applied to separately in August, November or May (unknown when I would need to) after application to college.

University of Chicago: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations: 13 courses and B.A. Paper requires. 6 courses in one Near Eastern language at any level (Credit may not be granted by examination or placement.), 2 or 3 courses in one approved NELC two- or three-quarter civilization sequence (If a Near Eastern civilization sequence is used to meet the College general education requirement, a second Near Eastern civilization sequence is required.),4 or 3 approved electives relating to the Near East (May include one B.A. Paper Preparation [NEHC 29999].), B.A. Paper Seminar (NEHC 29800). Honors if grade above 3.25 and A on paper.

Dickenson College: Middle Eastern Studies:Two years of Arabic or Modern Hebrew (4 courses), HIST 121: Middle East to 1750, HIST 122: Middle East since 1750, One social science course in ano...

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