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The Theology Departments sponsors this course in Community Service in order to provide an opportunity for you to integrate your religious learning within the Christian call to serve. You are now an empowered woman to share your gifts with the world!

1. to provide an opportunity through service in which you can explore your own giftedness and ways of sharing it with others.

2. to help raise your social awareness through service.

3. to challenge you to broaden your personal commitment to serve others both in the present and the future.

4. to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on particular social issues connected with the population you serve through your reading, writing and discussion with others.

The service project which you choose must comply with the following guidelines:

1. The work must serve persons directly (e.g., secretarial work without relating directly to clientele served is not allowed).

2. These persons should have "special needs" -- those associated with age, social or economic background; physical, mental or emotional deprivation or disabilities.

3. The student may not receive pay (monetary compensation) for her service.

4. The project should include a minimum of 30 hours or service as well as a minimum of 5 days of service; with the exception of Nerinx-sponsored Spring Break Service, the hours cannot count until after Junior final exams in May.

5. The student's service must take place in one location.

6. The proposal of service must be approved by Ms. Hartrich.

1. Preliminary Report: This initial report (yellow sheet in Contract Packet), includes your general goals and learning plan (reading and research) for your project.

2. Service Packet: This is your final product to be submitted after completion of your service experience. See description.

The focus group offers students the opportunity to share varying experiences and impressions of their service and from their association with persons served. Likewise it offers you the opportunity to learn form the experiences of others. **Bring any copies of photos you took during your service for "show and tell."

Meeting Date/Time:
You will be assigned a group during your free period or during Contact. Be sure to mark the date/time in your calendar as you will lose points if you have an unexcused absence.

Sign-up: (all seasons) April 19, 2013 (following your sign-up, project must be approved)

Contract Packet: Spring-- February 19, 2013 Summer-- April 26, 2013
Fall/Winter-- September 6, 2013

Hours Completion: Spring-- (completed over break) Summer-- August 9, 2013
Fall/Winter-- December 31, 2013

Service Packet: **Spring-- June 10, 2013
Summer-- September 9, 2013
Fall/Winter-- January 13, 2014

Focus Group: Spring-- March/April, 2013
Summer-- Aug./Sept., 2013
Fall/Winter-- Jan./Feb., 2014

** Spring Service Packets must be turned in between 11 a.m. and noon on June 10, or mailed directly, postmarked by June 10, to Ms. Cathy Hartrich at 4547 Arco Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110-1515 GRADING:

You will receive a quarter's worth of academic credit in Theology for successfully completing this independent study course. All work must be turned in by the due dates named or a point reduction should be expected (See below). Please note the dates (Deadlines) above. Every part of the process (see "Procedures") must be completed in order to receive a grade. Final grade will be recorded 3rd Quarter.


on time ** if tardy(out of)
Sign-up 2 1
* Contract Packet 3 2
Supervisor Evaluation &
Hours Sheet 5 3 (total: 10) (6) * Service Packet
Personal Daily Log 5
Research & Reflection 25
(15 points) (10 points)
Christian Insights 5
Scrapbook 2
Written Format 3
(total: 40) (35)
Focus Group 5 3

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