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Teaching, Learning and Leading in the 21st Century
Samone Crockett
Ashford University
EDU 650

Dr. Kimberly Smith
July 6, 2014

When thinking about a class or a future class that I have a plan for, it will have to be my current head start schoolboys and schoolgirls. My management plan for them would have to be their safety. I consider it to be the key element in several learning settings. I trust that if the students be in protected surroundings, at that moment education can capture its place. Having the right setting meant for all of my students will help them to learn, is my most important purpose of implementing high-quality classroom management. However, to explain my classroom management plan, a little better I have to explain my goals for the plan. First of all, as a teacher you have to show that you love your students.  I am dedicated to structuring my classroom to be in safe hands, demanding location, and appealing my students from side to side the program of study as well as getting to know their interacting with them one-on-one. I consider that gathering the requirements of my schoolboys and schoolgirls is an extraordinarily fundamental part of my classroom. I want them to be relaxed with the additional students, as well as me. I want to push all students to take part in class as a result that they can become skilled from each other as well as me. I would like to enclose a self-ruled and reasonable classroom so that my students can gain knowledge. However, I want my student to be able to talk to me about anything that may be going on with them in class or at home, whiling trusting me. F...

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