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13 Baroque Short Essay

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Baroque Art and Architecture
Read Stokstad chapter 14 or any other source on the subject. HISTORY BACKGROUND
Luther (1483-1546), a German priest and professor of theology initiated the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church in 1517. The Counter-Reformation was the official Catholic reaction to the rise of Protestantism. Counter-Reformation educational and propagandistic campaign began with the Council of Trent (1545-1563), which met in 25 sessions to decide active steps on how to stop the spread of Protestantism. Among them, the Catholic Church began a huge campaign of sponsoring art as instrument of propaganda. Art in Europe has long been used to convince and inspire, but never more effectively than by the Catholic Church during this period. Painting, sculpture and architecture were designed especially to visually “enter” into the spectator’s space, dramatically, almost aggressively. Baroque, a term of unknown derivation meaning beautiful but strange, is therefore the art style that emerged during the 1600s as part of the Counter-Reformation educational and propagandistic campaign. Art

In content Baroque art is characterized by: (1) depiction of religious subjects in contemporary settings, (2) deliberate evocation of emotional response. It is further characterized by (3) the use of clear, easily interpreted detail to produce theatrical drama, tension, exuberance and ecstasy. (4) Baroque often sought to tell the whole story by showing its most exciting, climactic moment. In style it is characterized by (1) idealization based on the observable world, (2) use of curvaceous and diagonal lines to depict movement, (3) dramatically lit compositions; (4) strong chiaroscuro. In form it is most notably characterized by (1)...

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