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13 Characteristics Of The Digital Student Essay

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3 Characteristics of the Digital Student
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Digital technology is changing almost every communications venue that exists. It is also having an impact on modifying the expectations that students and their parents have on educational facilities. Recent research shows that:

1. Most schools have failed to effectively utilize digital technology. Instead, it has been “tacked on” to the current education model. (Moe, 2009)

2. Because the current model in use in American education was designed to turn out mass-trained students for agricultural and industrial jobs, digital generation students find school boring and believe the skills being taught are unable to meet the world’s fast changing needs. (Jukes, 2010)

3. Teachers are finding there is an ‘understanding gap’ in the way students experience the world compared to the way they experienced the world growing up. This manifests itself in students ‘turning off and tuning out’ and the belief that adults who control education have outdated knowledge and a different experience of what it is like to grow up in the 21st century.

4. Today’s students spend large quantities of time in the digital world — a world that is adapting, growing, innovating, and changing at the speed of light. The inundation of our children in digital media for 7 to 10.5 hours per day continues a...

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