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13 Colonies Essay

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Founding Date: 1607
Region: Southern Colony
Founders: John Smith, John Rolfe & Thomas Dale
Reason for founding: Search for gold, English outpost against Spain Characteristics/laws: Jamestown was the main town that was establish because of England’s desire for wealth and converting the Natives to Christianity. Majority of the population was English. Environment: Very warm climate, which was beneficial to the colonists because they didn’t have to worry about the harsh winters. Contrary, the weather also had negative effects because the heat carried fatal diseases. The Southern Colonies were hilly with vast forests and farmland. Economy: Tobacco, agriculture (wheat and corn)

Religion: Mandated worship in the Anglican Church and were not tolerant of any non-Christian religion

New Hampshire
Founding Date: 1623
Region: New England Colony
Founders: John Mason, Benning Wentworth, John Wentworth & John Wheelwright Reason for founding: Profit from trade and fishing
Environment: Colder climate than the other two regions, which resulted in many deaths from harsh winters. The environment also provided a positive factor in preventing diseases from entering their colony. Their land consisted of hills covered with rocky soil. Economy: Trade, fishing

Religion: Puritan (no religious freedom or tolerance)

Founding Date: 1620
Region: New England Colony
Founders: Separatists-Puritans
Reason for founding: Escape religious persecut...

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