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13 Colonies And Their Establishment Essay

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During the period of time that the first British colonists were finding their way to the New World, America was a not a country defined by human lines or boundaries, but a land which Native Americans and animals lived in harmony with. As time progressed, more and more discontented Europeans came to America looking for a new life. To this world, not only did they bring their families and other precious items, they also brought their morals and ideals, including the idea of Manifest Destiny. This new idea of Manifest Destiny was strongly influenced by religion; Americans assumed that it was their God-given as "superior" beings to acquire all the land from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This goal became blatantly obvious from the establishment of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and did not retreat until the annexation of Hawaii in 1898. The period from 1776 to 1850 was a fierce period of attempting to gain land by any means possible; the United States would not be slowed down in getting the goal of having its borders reach coast to coast. In the July - August 1845 edition of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review, John Louis O' Sullivan wrote an article about the annexation of Texas and brought up Manifest Destiny.

".... the right of our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federaltive development of self government entrusted to us. It is right such as that of the tree to the space of air and the earth suitable for the full expansion of its principle and destiny of growth."

With his strong use of words, he managed to convince the nation that Manifest Destiny was not just beneficial, but almost necessary. With this ferocious attitude, controversy was inevitable, from the beginning of the war with Mexico to acquire Texas to the small but brutal wars with Native Americans for westward expansion. Over 100 years has past since the last piece of territory was acquired, but still, the excessive and unjust actions of Americans for Manifest Destiny linger in the minds of many.

Before the Declaration of Independence was established, British colonists who ventured to America were under the jurisdiction of the British crown and parliament, despite the fact that they were not fairly represented. After several decades of being in America, these colonists had grown tired of King George's rule and declared their independence from England. When the Americans decided to start the Revolutionary War, Manifest Destiny could have possibly come out to inspire the soldiers fighting for an independent America. Manifest Destiny could have been used to help the soldiers as most were very religious, following the word of God. After winning the war, the Declaration of Independence was written and ratified, and clearly mentions some references to God. This document represented t...

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