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13 Data Collection Essay

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Data Collection

WHAT to consider when selecting the
methods of data collection?
•  Structure:
–  what information is to be gathered and how to gather it

•  Quantifiability
•  Obtrusiveness: subject awareness of being studied
•  Objectivity: two researchers è same results

•  Structured: During the past week, would you say you
felt stressed:
–  rarely or none of the time,
–  some or a little of the time,
–  occasionally or a moderate amount of the
–  time, or
–  most or all of the time?

•  Unstructured:
–  How stressed or anxious have you been this past week? –  Tell me about the kinds of tensions and stresses you have been experiencing.

•  In order for data to be analyzed statistically, it
must be quantifiable
•  Structured data coll...

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