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Leadership and DecisionMaking
Prepared by: Alminar Garceron Lumahan Raymundo Santos Tronsal

• Docudrama from the point of view of the White House regarding the • Shows “how a group of highly intelligent men grapple with a complex and monumentally important problem” • Directed by • Script by • Largely based on the made inside the White House by President Kennedy

Senior Assistant Kenny O’ Donnell

President John F. Kennedy

Attorney General Bobby Kennedy

UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara

Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev

Admiral George Anderson

UN Ambassador Zorin


1. Identifying and Diagnosing the Problem

6. Evaluating the Decision

2. Generating Alternative Solutions

5. Implementing the Decision

3. Evaluating Alternatives

4. Making the Choice

• Start: Tuesday, October 16, 1962 • Aerial reconnaissance photographs revealed Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba capable of killing 80 million Americans • Operational in 10-14 days • President created the special Executive Committee made of senior government officials

• The president wants to: – avoid a nuclea...

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