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13 Domestic Cabinet Departments Essay

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13 Domestic Cabinet Departments
1.) U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – responsibilities include farming, agricultural products, food stamps, and anti-poverty programs, and conservation and natural resource protection. The inspectors of this department are responsible for the safety of the nation’s food supply. 2.) U.S. Department of Commerce- responsible for everything we buy and sell, they regulate everything from foreign trade to fishing to the granting of patents, they oversee programs that support minority businesses, and provides statistics and analyses for business and government planners. 3.) U.S Department of Defense (DOD)- responsible for supplying military hardware, administering personnel pay and benefits, providing info to the public and military, managing military education programs and attempting to locate missing personnel or prisoners of war. 4.) U.S. Department of Education- their first responsibility is making sure that the nation’s public school systems provide students with proper school supplies, educational facilities...

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